A young girl looking behind her before climbing a rock climbing wall

Before and after school

Children enrolled in our after-school programs or camps are eligible for automatic enrollment in our Ninja course. We customize the course to match each child’s skill and fitness level to ensure they derive maximum benefit. Each class leaves them both sweating and smiling, as they discover more about their physical and mental abilities.

The Obstacles on the Course

A child playing on an obstacle course
Our kids’ ninja course features a diverse array of obstacles not typically found in parks or schools. These engaging challenges are crafted to assess and enhance your child’s flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination across their entire body. Some of the distinctive obstacles featured on the course include:

These obstacles are intriguing, enjoyable, and physically demanding, even for a child highly active in sports and martial arts.

Why Try the Ninja Course Program?

Our ninja course program in Milton Martial Arts World offers your child more than just fun and a way to expend energy, although those benefits are important. Instead, our program provides an enriching experience with numerous opportunities for development, including character building and enhancing mental skills. Some of the benefits your child can gain from regularly attending the class include:

Coordination: The obstacle course challenges your child’s coordination in all four limbs, with key obstacles like the rock wall and rope climb enhancing this skill.

Strength: Completing the course requires using every muscle in the body, promoting balanced strength development, including the core and often neglected muscles.

Balance: Obstacles such as the Lilypad balance, cheese wall, pegboard, and warped wall help your child improve their balance.

Flexibility: The course encourages children to move in new ways, enhancing their flexibility. Elements like the rock wall, cheese wall, and bag hang are particularly beneficial for this.

Endurance: The course supports cardiovascular health, contributing to a child’s long-term well-being.

Mental Skills: The course fosters team spirit, determination, and resilience.

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