Experience the difference in the environment that creates the desire to excel with Supreme Grand masters’ instructions.

4 introductory trial classes for $25
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Little dragons & Little warriors

Boys and girls Ages 3.5 to 5.5 Years Old

Unlock you child’s potential and empower them to succeed with martial arts.

Experience the difference in the environment that creates the desire for pre-schooler boys and girls to excel. Parents are amazed by the impact our multi-talented, superior, instructional skills and curriculum have on their child’s improved attitude.

How can we help your child?

Here are some of the things that we can help your child with:


Develop Character


Stand up to Bullies

Exercise, Fitness & Self-Defense

Felix Ayensu, 8th Dan Black Belt, Supreme Grandmaster Instructor

The benefits of Martial Arts for children

Program benefits include





Hand-eye coordination​

Hand-eye coordination is important in your child’s early development. Martial arts provide plenty of opportunities to improve fine motor skills through techniques, obstacles, drills, and challenges.

Speed, agility & balance

Speed, agility, and balance gives your child better body awareness and coordination.

goal setting

Goal setting is an important skill for all kids to learn. Martial arts teach both short-term and long-term goal settings in a fun and positive environment.


Your child will be able to practice their listening skills to develop better self-control, discipline and values.

Memory & focus

Learning martial arts sharpens memory, focus and retention skills. It also keeps kids mentally engaged.


Kids experience partner and team-oriented situations in class that help develop strong communication skills.

Decroative cartoon martial kids punching


They typically have a limited vocabulary therefor learning is normally limited to visual and kinesthetic activities. Our goal is to teach them how to focus during verbal instructions and properly follow commands which have more than two instructions.


They are typically very self-centered. Also, due to their limited vocabulary their common form of communication is mainly physical. Our goal is to teach them how to show restraint when others are being silly and show respect for others personal space.


They typically have low tone in their arms, legs and core. Our goal is to help them build strength in their body such as kicking without falling and sitting still without wiggling.


They typically have strong preferences and fears therefore they will normally act out of bounds when their emotions get out of control. Our goal is to teach them how to follow directions and persevere through an activity even if they are initially scared and sit still even when they are excited.

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