Experience the difference in the environment that creates the desire to excel with Supreme Grand masters’ instructions.

4 introductory trial classes for $25
Plus One Free Martial Arts Uniform

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Changing lives through martial arts

Our transported before & after school martial arts program is designed to provide your children with quality martial arts and physical training. Our drivers and staff are bonded, police record checked and CPR certified. Our instructors are approved by the Ontario educational services linked with school boards across Ontario.

This program assists parents with the tough job of giving children the tools and skills needed to overcome daily obstacles. Whether it is being bullied, a lack of focus on schoolwork or having self-confidence issues, our before and after school program can help your child be a leader and reach new heights.

Special incentives include

Early dismissal and P.A. Day Camps are no additional cost for full time participants.

Drop off before school is 7:00am – 8:30am
Pick ups are from 5:15pm to 6:30pm

How can we help your child?

Here are some of the things that we can help your child with:


Develop Character


Stand up to Bullies

Exercise, Fitness & Self-Defense

Felix Ayensu, 8th Dan Black Belt, Supreme Grandmaster Instructor

Children learn to reach and master Martial Arts code of conduct through:

RESPECT – Honoring Dignity, Honesty, Being Truthful, Having Wisdom and Living Without Fear

GENTLENESS – Living with Affection, Compassion, Love and Being a Martial Arts Champion of Peace

RESPONSIBILITY – Meeting Life Challenges with Courageous Spirit

Self discipline, respect & courage to overcome fear

The martial arts philosophy teaches the importance of respecting oneself and others. The student creed is re-enforced by instructors to help develop self-discipline. Students will learn to set goals and be self-motivated to achieve them which evolves into a positive mental attitude. Courage is the making of a martial arts student, and it is the characteristic that only winners possess. It is the measurement of the heart, your desire, and your inner strength. Courage will keep you from being intimidated by the prospect of failure. Fear is a natural part of life but can drive you to perform better if you have the courage to face it.

Reserve your spot for only $99

Plus get a free uniform!

A group of children being picked up for the Milton Martial Arts World after school cate

Transportation to & from our facility

When your child’s school bell rings for the school day end, our bonded, professionally trained and certified staff will arrive at your child’s academic institution as they get out for the day. Our institution works with your child’s school to coordinate a safe and easy pickup after their dismissal.

Our staff are trained to assist children to follow safety guidelines and policies to ensure a safe journey to and from school to our facility. Our staff will remain friendly, engaging and dedicated to the best interest of your child.

As our staff and students arrive to our facility, our professional, world class blackbelt educators and staff will receive the students for safe entry into our facility. Students will have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands


Our main objectives are to develop a well-rounded balance and focused students. As a leader in martialarts education and an advocate for self-improvements, we highly encourage our students to thrive in theireducation. We have included time into our after-school program for children to tend to their homeworkand assist at every opportunity.

A group a children learing from ttheir instructor

Children discover

  • Extreme Desire for Motivation
  • Powerful Determination
  • Powerful Dedication
  • Ultimate Self-Discipline for Personal Success

The Priceless, Extraordinary Benefits Include:

  • Building Razor sharp focus of concentration to excel in academics
  • Life skills education and character development
  • Unshakeable confidence and rock-solid self-esteem
  • Self-discipline for moral values and fitness to excel in sports
  • Self defense skills for personal protection
  • Leadership abilities and reaching goals and objectives
  • Confrontation management skills on how to handle the school yard bully
  • Self-discipline for responsibility and accountability
  • Bonding with positive peer groups
  • Great energy outlet and healthy lifestyle habits
  • Progressive martial arts curriculum
A group of children listening in their Martial Arts uniforms

Recognition award

Recognition Awards through certification of belt ranking promotion test helps demonstrates progress andself-expectation skills. All belt ranking promotion tests will be conducted on Saturdays to allow workingparents to attend.

Our institution is a member of Taekwondo Ontario which is officially recognized by the Ministry of Tourismand recreation. We also affiliated with Taekwondo Canada, World Taekwondo federation, and theKikkiwon WorldTaekwondo Headquarters.

Program benefits include





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